Vistachem has emerged as a reputed and reliable supplier of all kinds of standard, specialty and niche chemicals thanks to highest standards of business ethics and veracity followed by each and every individual associated with it. Business interests of the client as well as the supplier are of prime importance and something that we adhere to at all times.

As reliable providers of chemicals from across the globe, our world-wide web sources and supplies the right products to suit the needs of our clients across ASEAN and the world.


Vistachem stands for the best of experience in an array of chemicals from around the world in the form of experts who have grown with the industry. They bring to Vistachem and its clients an in-depth knowledge and expertise of sourcing, trading and logistics related to all kinds of bulk chemicals. Their entrepreneurial spirit, relationship building with the client and commitment to create a competitive advantage for Vistachem in a highly commoditised industry such as Chemicals trading, places Vistachem as a premium supplier in the industry today.


Our Mission

We at Vistachem go the extra mile to ensure the procurement and supply of chemicals with the highest levels of proficiency while also unburdening the client with needless inventory costs. We assure our clients of complete hassle-free logistics in procuring and providing specialty and niche chemicals.

Our Value Proposition

  • We maintain complete transparency in all our dealings

  • We assure you of hassle-free process thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the market and strong sourcing skills.

  • We carry out thorough due diligence in terms of factory visits quality audits at our vendor manufacturing units prior to sourcing the chemicals.