• Flavour & Fragrance

    We at Vistachem have specialist chemists with up-to-date knowledge in innovative aroma concepts to assist you in selecting, sourcing and procuring the best suited raw materials for your product needs.

    Our impeccable procurement system ensures quick sourcing and shipping of high quality aromatic chemicals at competitive prices, refining them to your standards and aiding prompt delivery to your doorstep, while retaining the quality of the fine chemicals.

    We provide raw materials:

    • Alcohols
    • Aldehydes
    • Esters
    • Ketones
    • Lactones
    • Naturals
    • Essential oil
    • Terpenes, ether and amines
  • Surface Technology

    We understand that surface coating plays an important role in protecting and enhancing the performance, appearance and durability of a wide range of materials and products. Therefore, we make it point to select reputable and trustworthy source for our raw materials.

    We provide the raw materials for the following:

    • Cleaning
    • Electronics
    • Metal Finishing
    • Advance Material